BONUS! 022-Portia Custom Fit to be Tied-Feet Edition

18:11 video

Portia goes into a very special shoe store in search of her very first ultra high heel. The shoe store salesman (Lew) knows all about ultra high heels and is more than happy to help her try on several pairs. He measures her feet very carefully a couple times, to ensure that there is no heel gap and that the right pair fits...Just. Right. You see her curvy feet and tiny ankles up close as he puts the shoes on and takes them off, and she stands and displays them to him. Portia settles on a beautiful red pair, but unfortunately they are simply too expensive. 

The salesman is pretty crafty, and he likes Portia's long sexy legs , small ankles and curvy arches. He suggests that if she lets him tie her up like a picture on his phone, just for a few minutes, that he will give her the shoes.

Portia is nervous, but she REALLY wants those shoes, and he seems nice enough, so she agrees to let him tie her in his storeroom. 

Lots of feet, ankles and legs in this version, with a POV of Lew capturing his handiwork on his phone...what does he do with her? Watch to find out.

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